Maintenance Planner - Heavy Equipment

  1. Preparing plan schedule for repair & maintenance
  2. Responsible for planning, preparation and procurement of man power, parts required for each activity, including engine overhaul activities
  3. Take an active role in doing spare parts review following cataloging with MTC team and spare parts warehouse
  4. Take an active role in the preparation and budget planning for all activities in the Department of Maintenance including overhaul planning.
  5. Coordinate with the mechanical maintenance department in completion of the work orders (repair), and prepare the improvement plan based on the priority scale
  6. Compile and document the repair machine reports with details of their financing
  7. Coordinate with the Maintenance section to analyze the work processes that have been done, as well as preparing work plan and further improvement Schedule.
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  1. Managing the financial administration of the company
  2. Arranging and preparing the company's financial report
  3. Preparing and making taxation report
  4. Arranging and making daily External budget periodically ( Monthly or yearly)
  5. Preparing and creating corporate revenue budget periodically (monthly or yearly)
  6. Developing and preparing letters related to banking and financial capability of the company
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