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" Menjadi Perusahaan Nasional kelas Dunia pelopor yang unggul dibidang pengadaan Listrik Tenaga Air "

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" PT Poso Energy selalu berusaha untuk menjadi perusahaan pengadaan listrik tenaga air yang terandalkan, membina hubungan baik dengan seluruh elemen perusahaan, berkelanjutan memperbaiki manajemen perusahaan dan mengembangkan karyawan sebagai Sumber Daya Manusia yang sangat berharga "

Indonesia is world's fifth most populated country at 240 milion people and eleventh biggest by area. It comprises over 1.000 races speaking over 700 languages, spawning across 5.000 km of 13.800 islands. It is the world's 20th largest economy. Indonesia expanded 6.17 percent in the third quarter of 2012 over time same quarter of the previous year.

The country's power needs are insatiable, and unfortunately, scarcely fulfilled. Its power consumption remain the lowest in the region at 65% electrification, and an even lower 30% for its eastern half, with only the state-owned PLN constructing power plants until recent years. To alleviate it, the government has launched two accelerated programs of producing new power capacity of 10.000 MW each. it also stated its commitment towards renewable energy when 60% of the second 10.000 MW program comes from hydro and geothermal energy.

The hydro power industry in Indonesia is still in its infancy. Of the estimated potential og 70.000 MW, a mere 3.648 MW has been constructed and operational, constituting only 15% of the nation's electricity supply. However, it recently received much boost from the government, amongst them an incentive regulatory given by the minister of Energy & Mineral resources decree No. 31 Year of 2009. It states that PLN is obliged to purchase renewable energy of < 10 MW at a fixed price of 7.7 US cents/kWh in Java island plus extra 10%-60% additional insentive for Hydro Project out of Java. Power purchases for big hydropower plants are individually negotiated, although it also enjoys very good rates of not much less than the mini hydropower plants. Noting that in tropical countries water is available throughout the year, this makes hydro power in Indonesia an extremely enticing prospect.

Indonesia's insateiable appetite or electricity spurs strong growth in the development of power plants. Amongst its biggest power potentials is hydro power, of which an estimate of 75,000 MWH of potentials, only about 7,000 MW have been built. With recent focus in renewable and clean energy, coupled with favourable regulations, hydroelectric business in Indonesia is experiencing an unprecented growth.

The Poso lake is indonesia's third largest lake, stretching 32 km in length and 16 km in width. Its depth reaches up to 510 meter. At average elevation of 501 meter above sea level, its surface area covers 32,000 hectares. Its water is crystal clear, with no trace no sulphur, and negligible sediment; a result of having a water catchment area of almost all virgin jungle. With an average discharge of 148 m3 per second, its energy potential is enormous. PT Poso Energy, among its portfolio, owns 3 hydropower concessions in the river totalling 600 MW, of which the first plant of 195 MW has ben constructed and is now operational. Throughout Indonesia, Kalla Group owns a total portfolio of over 1,500 MW.

The Poso Hydroelectric complex is part of Hadji Kalla Group's vision and commitment to provide the infrastructure that will hopefully become the driver of economic growth in Sulawesi and Eastern Indonesia.