Our Team

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Team has the responsibility of making Basic Design & Specifications, Inspection, Installation, and Komusioning of Turbine & Generator. In addition, the Mechanical Enginnering Team is also responsible for the MBOP (Mechanical Blance of Plant) for Supporting Turbines & Generator, Cooling Water System, Cimpressed Air, High Precision Oil, Lubricating Oil, Piezometric System, Drainage and Dewatering. The Mechanical Team is also responsible for designing, fabrication, installation, testing and komusioning for Hydrolic Steel Gates and Penstock & Headrace.

Electrical Engineering

The responsibility of the Electrical Engineering Team is the care of the Power Supply, both in high and low voltage. In addition, the electrical engineering team has the task of installing electrical poles for construction purposes and for road lighting purposes. Arranging electricity from the office is also the responsibility of the electrical engineering team.

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Team is a team that has responsibilities in terms of data collection survey, site survey, hydropower, potential analysis, preliminary survey (topography, geology, hydrology), potential optimization, and detail design. For design detail include designs of dams, intakes, power channels, headpond, penstock, power house and trailrace.

Project Control

Project Control or Document Center has the responsibility in Monitoring, Controlling, Planning, and Reporting of Project PT Poso Energy, in terms of Cost & Time.